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Importance of Online Marketing for Small Business: 


9 reasons why online marketing is important for small businesses and startups


The importance of online marketing for small business is sometimes overlooked.

As a business owner there is so much to do and so many things that need your attention consistently, that it’s easy overlook the online part of your business.

In this post I will about the importance of  online marketing for small business and why it will benefit your business greatly.

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importance of online marketing for small business

1. You want to attract attention


Without attention you don’t have a business.

Think about it.

If people don’t know your business exists, they can’t buy from you. 

Even when you are a local business, you will have competition in your area.

Why would I use you rather than your competitors?

The more attention you attract, the more you will be mentioned and remembered when they need a service or product you provide.


2. You want to generate leads

Not every person who finds out about your products or services will become your customer.

Rather than losing these visitors, try to offer them something that is useful to them, in return for their email adress.

This is a win-win situation.

Your audience gets something that will help them along on their journey, and you have a chance to show contact this visitor again and again.

You will need to generate many leads and try to convert these into loyal customers.

The more leads you generate, the more business you can create.


3. You want to expand your customer base


This follows on from generating leads.

When someone finds your business, buys something and has a good experience, they are more likely to use your business again or recommend it to someone else.


It is like a snowball effect.

Get your first happy customers and slowly but surely:

by being always present online

by adding value even before someone becomes a customer

by providing great customer service

your customer base will grow and so will your business!

4. You might want to generate or increase your online sales


Maybe you are selling products or services online.

What better way to promote this than online?!

You can advertise online or you can involve your audience with promotions, competitions, content, product images etc.

And when you want to launch a new product, event or service you can build up the momentum to the launch date by tailored content and even  create a launch party to celebrate!

The importance of online marketing for small business should not be underestimated.

importance of online marketing

5. You want to increase your credibility


For your business to do well, customers need to believe in your business.

This can be achieved by giving excellent insights about your products, services, your business (maybe even behind the scenes) etc.

Having reviews for your business is also important.

Not only on your website but also on google itself and on your social media accounts.


6. You want to create brand awareness


Brand awareness is basically how well your business is known.

So for example, Nike has a massive brand awareness and this is something that they work on constantly.

Your brand awareness does not have to be as big as Nikes but the sky’s the limit especially when your audience is worldwide.

However brand awareness is still important even when you are a local business.

As mentioned before it is very likely you have local competition and ultimately brand awareness is simply how many people know your business name and what your business offers.


The more people know about you, the more likely you are to have paying customers.


online marketing for small business seo

7. You want to create an online community


Online communities are great for word of mouth advertising.

You will find that some of your followers always comment on your content, share it and like it.

This is your tribe.

Basically what groupies are to a band.

Social media platforms like Facebook don’t show all your content to all your followers.

When you post on your business page, your post will be shown to some followers.

Then depending on their reaction, it either gets shelved or it gets shown to more followers.

Facebook’s algorithm wants to give its users the best online experience and if there is no response to your post it will assume it’s not a good user experience and irrelevant.


So the bigger your tribe, the more reactions you get to your content and the more people will ultimately see it and possibly share and like.


8. You might want to provide customer service


Often customers have questions about your product or service and this can take up a lot of your time.

Answering emails and phone calls can take you away from other important things in your business.

By answering these questions in your online marketing content will save you lots of time.

Your audience will also appreciate it as they will have their questions answered without the hassle of a phone call or email.

Other customer service related issues can often be solved online as well. Think about a chat box on your website or messenger on social media.


9. Build an industry reputation


If you deliver consistent and  great content on things relating to your business or niche, you will be seen as an expert in your field.


Informative and expert advice on question platforms like quora for example could really help you grow your business. Informative content on various topics within your industry or white papers could really help you too.


When people perceive you as an expert they are more likely to trust you and your business and are more likely to choose your company over your competition to do business with.

The Importance of Online Marketing for Small Business – Conclusion


There are whole books created on this subject, and a mere blog post does not do it justice. However my aim was to show you the importance of Online Marketing for small business and for what reasons you might want to explore onine marketing.

For my clients, I have evaluated and improved many online marketing strategies.

If you are stuck and don’t know how to move forward, give me a shout!

I’d be happy to help.

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